D^0-D^0bar mixing in \Upsilon(1S) \to D^0 D^0bar decay at Super-B


\Dz-\Dzb mixing and significant CP violation in the charm system may indicate the signature of new physics. In this study, we suggest that the coherent \DzDzb events from the decay of \Upsilon(1S) \to \Dz \Dzb can be used to measure both mixing parameters and CP violation in charm decays. The neutral DD mesons from Υ(1S)\Upsilon(1S) decay are strongly boosted, so that it will offer the possibility to measure the proper-time interval, Δt\Delta t, between the fully-reconstructed \Dz and \Dzb. Both coherent and time-dependent information can be used to extract \Dz-\Dzb mixing parameters. The sensitivity of the measurement should be improved at B factories or super-B.Comment: 6 pages, 1 figure, this is the last version to appear in Phys. Rev.

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