Decoupling of c-quark loops in b-quark HQET is considered. The decoupling coefficients for the HQET heavy-quark field and the heavy-light quark current are calculated with the three-loop accuracy. The last result can be used to improve the accuracy of extracting f_B from HQET lattice simulations (without c-quark loops). The decoupling coefficient for the flavour-nonsinglet QCD current with n antisymmetrized gamma-matrices is also obtained at three loops; the result for the tensor current (n=2) is new.Comment: JHEP3 documentclass; the results in a computer-readable form can be found at http://www-ttp.physik.uni-karlsruhe.de/Progdata/ttp06/ttp06-25/ V2: a few typos corrected, a few minor text improvements, a few references added; V3: several typos in formulas fixe

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