Are You Speaking? : A Speech Act Analysis of Pinter\u27s \u3ci\u3eA Kind of Alaska\u3c/i\u3e and \u3ci\u3eNo Man\u27s Land\u3c/i\u3e


My purpose, however, lies not only in a desire to contribute insight to the critical canon on Pinter. I also wish to offer some insight into the literary application of speech act theory. Among the writers I will discuss are Austin, Searle, Altieri, Pratt, Derrida, and Fish. This application leads to my belief that drama is the literary genre to which speech act theory is most appropriate and applicable (in much the same way as the poem serves as the New Critical model). I will begin with a brief introduction to speech act theory, move on to my analysis of the plays, make general inferences about the plays and the theory, and then reach for conclusions

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