A Supersymmetric Contribution to the Neutrino Mass Matrix and Breaking of mu-tau Symmetry


Supersymmetry broken by anomaly mediation suffers from tachyonic slepton masses. A possible solution to this problem results in "decoupling", i.e., the first two generations of sfermions are much heavier than the third one. We note that in this scenario a sizable loop-induced contribution to the neutrino mass matrix results. As an application of this scenario we take advantage of the fact that the decoupling evidently not obeys 2-3 generation exchange symmetry. In the neutrino sector, this 2-3 symmetry (or mu-tau symmetry) is a useful Ansatz to generate zero theta_{13} and maximal theta_{23}. The induced deviations from these values are given for some examples, thereby linking SUSY breaking to the small parameters (including possibly the solar mass splitting) of the neutrino sector.Comment: 5 pages, 1 figur

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