Checking the transverse Ward-Takahashi relation at one loop order in 4-dimensions


Some time ago Takahashi derived so called {\it transverse} relations relating Green's functions of different orders to complement the well-known Ward-Green-Takahashi identities of gauge theories by considering wedge rather than inner products. These transverse relations have the potential to determine the full fermion-boson vertex in terms of the renormalization functions of the fermion propagator. He & Yu have given an indicative proof at one-loop level in 4-dimensions. However, their construct involves the 4th rank Levi-Civita tensor defined only unambiguously in 4-dimensions exactly where the loop integrals diverge. Consequently, here we explicitly check the proposed transverse Ward-Takahashi relation holds at one loop order in dd-dimensions, with d=4+ϵd=4+\epsilon.Comment: 20 pages, 3 figures This version corrects and clarifies the previous result. This version has been submitted for publicatio

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