Combined potential of future long-baseline and reactor experiments


We investigate the determination of neutrino oscillation parameters by experiments within the next ten years. The potential of conventional beam experiments (MINOS, ICARUS, OPERA), superbeam experiments (T2K, NOvA), and reactor experiments (D-CHOOZ) to improve the precision on the ``atmospheric'' parameters Δm312\Delta m^2_{31}, θ23\theta_{23}, as well as the sensitivity to θ13\theta_{13} are discussed. Further, we comment on the possibility to determine the leptonic CP-phase and the neutrino mass hierarchy if θ13\theta_{13} turns out to be large.Comment: 4 pages, 4 figures, Talk given by T.S. at the NOW2004 workshop, Conca Specchiulla (Otranto, Italy), 11--17 Sept. 200

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