Slepton production in polarized hadron collisions


We calculate cross sections and asymmetries for slepton pair production through neutral and charged electroweak currents in polarized hadron collisions for general slepton masses and including mixing of the left- and right-handed interaction eigenstates relevant for third generation sleptons. Our analytical results confirm and extend a previous calculation. Numerically, we show that measurements of the longitudinal single-spin asymmetry at the existing polarized pp collider RHIC and at possible polarization upgrades of the Tevatron or the LHC would allow for a determination of the tau slepton mixing angle and/or the associated supersymmetry breaking parameters Lambda for gauge mediation and A0 for minimal supergravity. Furthermore, the Standard Model background from tau pair production can be clearly distinguished due to the opposite sign of the associated asymmetry.Comment: 16 pages, 4 figures; Tevatron/LHC polarization and tau identification discussed, typos correcte

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