Spin-1 Particle in the Light-Front Approach


The electromagnetic current of spin-1 composite particles does not transform properly under rotations if only the valence contribution is considered in the light-front model. In particular, the plus component of the current, evaluated only for the valence component of the wave function, in the Drell-Yan frame violates rotational symmetry, which does not allow a unique calculation of the electromagnetic form-factors. The prescription suggested by Grach and Kondratyuk [Sov. J. Nucl. Phys. 38, 198 (1984)] to extract the form factors from the plus component of the current, eliminates contributions from pair diagrams or zero modes, which if not evaluated properly cause the violation of the rotational symmetry. We address this problem in an analytical and covariant model of a spin-1 composite particle.Comment: To appear Brazilian Journal of Physics (2004), 4 pages, no figures. Use

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