Pi+ Pi- Emission in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions


Realistic vacuum ππ\pi\pi interactions are employed to investigate thermal Ο€+Ο€βˆ’\pi^+\pi^- emission spectra from the late stages of heavy-ion reactions at ultrarelativistic energies. Hadronic in-medium effects, including many-body ρ\rho-meson spectral functions used earlier to describe the dilepton excess observed at CERN-SPS energies, are implemented to assess resulting modifications in relation to recent measurements of Ο€+Ο€βˆ’\pi^+\pi^- invariant-mass spectra by the STAR collaboration in pp-pp and AuAu-AuAu collisions at sNN\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200 GeV. Statistical model estimates for the ρ0/Ο€βˆ’\rho^0/\pi^- and Kβˆ—/KK^*/K ratios close to the expected thermal freezeout are also given.Comment: 9 pages RevTeX including 5 eps-figures, summary slightly expanded and 5 references adde

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