B to light meson transition form factors calculated in perturbative QCD approach


We calculate the BPB\to P, BVB\to V (P: light pseudoscalar meson, V light vector meson) form factors in the large-recoil limit in perturbative QCD approach, including both the vector (axial vector) and tensor operators. In general there are two leading components ϕB\phi_B and ϕˉB\bar{\phi}_B for BB meson wave functions. We consider both contributions of them. Sudakov effects (kk_{\perp} and threshold resummation) are included to regulate the soft end-point singularity. By choosing the hard scale as the maximum virtualities of internal particles in the hard bb-quark decay amplitudes, Sudakov factors can effectively suppress the long-distance soft contribution. Hard contribution can be dominant in these approaches.Comment: 21 pages, with 2 figure

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