Forward Elastic Scattering of Light on Light, \gamma+\gamma\to\gamma+\gamma


The forward elastic scattering of light on light, {\em i.e.,} the reaction γ+γγ+γ\gamma+\gamma \to \gamma+\gamma in the forward direction, is analyzed utilizing real analytic amplitudes. We calculate ργγ\rho_{\gamma \gamma}, the ratio of the real to the imaginary portion of the forward scattering amplitude, by fitting the total γγ\gamma \gamma cross section data in the high energy region 5GeVs1305 GeV \le \sqrt s \le 130 GeV, assuming a cross section that rises asymptotically as ln2s\ln^2 s. We then compare ργγ\rho_{\gamma\gamma} to ρnn\rho_{nn}, the ratio of the even portions of the pppp and \pbar p forward scattering amplitudes, as well as to ργp\rho_{\gamma p}, the ρ\rho value for Compton scattering. Within errors, we find that the three ρ\rho-values in the c.m.s. energy region 5GeVs1305 GeV \le \sqrt s \le 130 GeV are the same, as predicted by a factorization theorem of Block and Kadailov.Comment: 5 pages, Latex2e, 2 postscript figures, uses

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