What can the SNO Neutral Current Rate teach us about the Solar Neutrino Anomaly


We investigate how the anticipated neutral current rate from SNOSNO will sharpen our understanding of the solar neutrino anomaly. Quantitative analyses are performed with representative values of this rate in the expected range of - 1.2. This would provide a 510σ5 - 10 \sigma signal for νe\nu_e transition into a state containing an active neutrino component. Assuming this state to be purely active one can estimate both the 8B^8B neutrino flux and the νe\nu_e survival probability to a much higher precision than currently possible. Finally the measured value of the NCNC rate will have profound implications for the mass and mixing parameters of the solar neutrino oscillation solution.Comment: Brief discussion on the first NC result from SNO added; final version to be published in the MPL

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