Charmless Non-Leptonic B Decays and R-parity Violating Supersymmetry


We examine the charmless hadronic B decay modes in the context of R-parity violating (\rpv) supersymmetry. We try to explain the large branching ratio (compared to the Standard Model (SM) prediction) of the decay B±ηK±B^{\pm}\to \eta' K^{\pm}. There exist data for other observed η()\eta^{(\prime)} modes and among these modes, the decay B0ηK0B^{0}\to \eta K^{*0} is also found to be large compared to the SM prediction. We investigate all these modes and find that only two pairs of \rpv coupling can satisfy the requirements without affecting the other B\ra PP and B\ra VP decay modes barring the decay B\ra\phi K. From this analysis, we determine the preferred values of the \rpv couplings and the effective number of color NcN_c. We also calculate the CP asymmetry for the observed decay modes affected by these new couplings.Comment: 14 pages, 7 figures; revtex; version published in Phys. Lett.

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