Global oscillation analysis of solar neutrino data with helioseismically constrained fluxes


A seismic model for the Sun calculated using the accurate helioseismic data predicts a lower 8B^{8}{B} neutrino flux as compared to the standard solar model (SSM). However, there persists a discrepancy between the predicted and measured neutrino fluxes and it seems necessary to invoke neutrino oscillations to explain the measurements. In this work, we have performed a global, unified oscillation analysis of the latest solar neutrino data (including the results of SNO charged current rate) using the seismic model fluxes as theoretical predictions. We determine the best-fit values of the neutrino oscillation parameters and the χmin2\chi^2_{\mathrm min} for both νeνactive\nu_e-\nu_{\mathrm active} and νeνsterile\nu_e -\nu_{\mathrm sterile} cases and present the allowed parameter regions in the Δm2tan2θ\Delta m^2 - \tan^2 \theta plane for νeνactive\nu_e-\nu_{\mathrm active} transition. The results are compared with those obtained using the latest SSM by Bahcall and his collaborators.Comment: Version to appear in Phys. Rev.

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