Implications of a 300-500 GeV/c^2 Z' boson on p\bar{p} collider data at \sqrt{s}=1.8 TeV


Recent analyses of precision low energy electroweak data indicate that the deviation from the Standard Model predictions of the measurement of atomic parity violation (2.3\sigma), the effective number of massless neutrinos (2\sigma), and A_b (2.7\sigma) could be better described if the existence of an extra Z' neutral gauge boson is assumed. We investigate the implications of a 300-500 GeV/c^2 extra Z' on current p\bar{p} collider data at \sqrt{s}=1.8 TeV, including the forward-backward charge asymmetry for very high mass e^+e^- pairs, and the invariant mass spectrum of high mass e^+e^-, \mu^+\mu^-, t\bar t and b\bar b pairs. For example, a 500 GeV/c^2 Z' with a total production cross section of \approx 3 pb and enhanced coupling to the third generation, better describes both the low energy and the Tevatron data.Comment: 4 pages, revtex, 3 postscript figures, 2 tables, to be submitted for publication, further corrections to reference

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