Properties of the scalar mesons f0(1370)f_0(1370), f0(1500)f_0(1500) and f0(1710)f_0(1710)


In the three-state mixing framework, considering the possible glueball components of η\eta and η\eta^\prime, we investigate the hadronic decays of f0(1370)f_0(1370), f0(1500)f_0(1500) and f0(1710)f_0(1710) into two pseudoscalar mesons. The quarkonia-glueball content of the three states is determined from the fit to the new data presented by the WA102 Collaboration. We find that these data are insensitive to the possible glueball components of η\eta and η\eta^\prime. Furthermore, we discuss some properties of the mass matrix describing the mixing of the isoscalar scalar mesons.Comment: Latex 14 pages including 1 eps figur

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