Aspects of semi-classical transport theory for QCD


We discuss some aspects of a recently proposed semi-classical transport theory for QCD plasmas based on coloured point particles. This includes the derivation of effective transport equations for mean fields and fluctuations which relies on the Gibbs ensemble average. Correlators of fluctuations are interpreted as collision integrals for the effective Boltzmann equation. The approach yields a recipe to integrate-out fluctuations. Systematic approximations (first moment, second moment, polarisation approximation) based on a small plasma parameter are discussed as well. Finally, the application to a hot non-Abelian plasma close to thermal equilibrium is considered and the consistency with the fluctuation-dissipation theorem established.Comment: Presented at Strong and Electroweak Matter (SEWM2000), Marseille, France, 14-17 June 2000, 12 page

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