Determination of the CP violating weak phase γ\gamma from the Decays B→DπB \to D \pi


We propose a new method to extract the CP violating weak phase Ξ³\gamma (the phase of Vubβˆ—V_{ub}^*) in the CKM paradigm of the Standard Model, using Bβˆ’β†’D0Ο€βˆ’β†’fΟ€βˆ’B^- \rightarrow D^0 \pi^- \rightarrow f \pi^- and Bβˆ’β†’DΛ‰0Ο€βˆ’β†’fΟ€βˆ’B^- \rightarrow \bar D^0 \pi^- \rightarrow f \pi^- decays, where ff are final states such as K+Ο€βˆ’K^+ \pi^-, K+Οβˆ’K^+ \rho^-, KππK \pi\pi, {\it etc.} We also study the experimental feasibility of our new method. With possibility of new phases in the CKM matrix, we re-examine some of the previously proposed methods to determine Ξ³\gamma, and find that it would be in principle possible to identify Ξ³\gamma and a new phase angle ΞΈ\theta separately.Comment: 12 pages, 1 figure, LaTex; the version to be published in European Physical Journal

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