Deriving effective transport equations for non-Abelian plasmas


Within classical transport theory, an approach is presented to derive systematically effective collision terms and noise sources for effective kinetic equations of non-Abelian plasmas. This procedure amounts to the `integrating-out' of fluctuations, and is applicable for in- and out-of-equilibrium situations. When applied to a hot non-Abelian plasma close to equilibrium we recover the collision integral and the noise source first obtained by B\"odeker. It is also shown that our approach, and hence B\"odeker's effective theory, is consistent with the fluctuation-dissipation theorem.Comment: 7 pages, needs sprocl.sty, invited talk given by DFL at 5th workshop on QCD (QCD2000), Villefranche-sur-Mer, France, 3-7 Jan 200

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