|V_ub| and |V_cb|, Charm Counting and Lifetime Differences in Inclusive Bottom Hadron Decays


Inclusive bottom hadron decays are analyzed based on the heavy quark effective field theory (HQEFT). Special attentions in this paper are paid to the b\to u transitions and nonspectator effects. As a consequence, the CKM quark mixing matrix elements |V_ub| and |V_cb| are reliably extracted from the inclusive semileptonic decays B\to X_u e \nu and B\to X_c e \nu. Various observables, such as the semileptonic branch ratio B_SL, the lifetime differences among B^-, B^0, B_s and \Lambda_b hadrons, the charm counting n_c, are predicted and found to be consistent with the present experimental data.Comment: 20 pages, Revtex, 4 figures and 2 table

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