Multicanonical Spin Glass Simulations


We report a Monte Carlo simulation of the 2D2D Edwards-Anderson spin glass model within the recently introduced multicanonical ensemble. Replica on lattices of size L2L^2 up to L=48L=48 are investigated. Once a true groundstate is found, we are able to give a lower bound on the number of statistically independent groundstates sampled. Temperature dependence of the energy, entropy and other quantities of interest are easily calculable. In particular we report the groundstate results. Computations involving the spin glass order parameter are more tedious. Our data indicate that the large LL increase of the ergodicity time is reduced to an approximately V3V^3 power law. Altogether the results suggest that the multicanonical ensemble improves the situation of simulations for spin glasses and other systems which have to cope with similar problems of conflicting constraints.Comment: 24 page

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