The eta and eta' mesons from lattice QCD


Lattice QCD allows a first-principles study of QCD with the freedom to vary the number and masses of the quarks. I present results on the flavour singlet correlations (this illuminates OZI violating effects) for mesons. Concentrating on the pseudoscalar mesons, the flavour singlet mass splitting (η\eta, η\eta' mass splitting) appears naturally. I also present results on an investigation of decay constants for the η\eta and η\eta' (fηf_{\eta}) and discuss which quantities may be accessible in future lattice studies. The Witten-Veneziano approach can also be explored by determining the quenched topological susceptibility on a lattice.Comment: 13 pages, LATEX, 3 ps figures, Proc. WORKSHOP ON ETA PHYSICS, Uppsala, October 22-27, 200

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