The measurement of sin(2beta)


Since the first observation in 1964, CP violation remains one of the most elusive aspects of the standard model. The CDF collaboration has reported the first evidence of CP violation in the B system using the world's largest sample of Bβ†’J/ψKS0B \to J/\psi K^0_S decays. The direct measurement of sin(2Ξ²)(2\beta)=0.79βˆ’0.44+0.41^{+0.41}_{-0.44} (combined statistical and systematic error) agrees with the standard model predictions. New data collected from the B-factories and from the upgraded experiments at the Tevatron should allow a more precise measurement of sin⁑2Ξ²\sin 2\beta in the near future.Comment: Presented at Heavy Flavours 8, Southampton, UK, 1999. Ten pages, 4 figure

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