Eleven Years of QCD at LEP


Studies of hadronic final states of e+eβˆ’e^+e^- annihilations, observed at the Large Electron Positron Collider LEP at CERN, are reviewed. The topics included cover measurements of Ξ±s\alpha_s, hadronic event shapes and hadronisation studies, tests of asymptotic freedom and of the non-Abelian gauge structure of QCD, differences between quark and gluon jets, tests of power corrections and selected results of two-photon scattering processes. The improvements obtained at LEP are demonstrated by comparing to results from the pre-LEP era. This article consists of a reproduction of slides presented at the LEPFest in October 2000, supplemented by a short descriptive text and a list of relevant references.Comment: 10 pages of text plus reproduction of 27 transparencies presented at the LEPFest at CERN, October 2000. To be published in Eur. Phys. Jour (direct) C; a higher resolution version of the viewgraphs can be obtained from:

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