Classical and Quantum Aspects of Gravitation and Cosmology


These are the proceedings of the XVIII Conference of the Indian Association for General Relativity and Gravitation (IAGRG) held at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Madras, INDIA during Feb. 15-17, 1996. The Conference was dedicated the late Prof. S. Chandrasekhar. The proceedings consists of 17 articles on: - Chandrasekhar's work (N. Panchapkesan); - Vaidya-Raychaudhuri Lecture (C.V. Vishveshwara) - Gravitational waves (B.R. Iyer, R. Balasubramanian) - Gravitational Collapse (T.P. Singh) - Accretion on black hole (S. Chakrabarti) - Cosmology (D. Munshi, S. Bharadwaj, G.S. Mohanty, P. Bhattacharjee); - Classical GR (S. Kar, D.C. Srivatsava) - Quantum aspects (J. Maharana, Saurya Das, P. Mitra, G. Date, N.D. Hari Dass) The body of THIS article contains ONLY the title, contents, foreword, organizing committees, preface, list of contributed talks and list of participants. The plenery talks are available at: both as post-script files of individual articles and also as .uu source files. For further information please send e-mail to [email protected]: 12 pages, latex, needs psfig.tex macros. Latex the file run.tex. These Proceedings of the XVIII IAGRG Conference are available at MINOR TYPO's in the ABSTRACT correcte

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