On avoiding cosmological oscillating behavior for S-brane solutions with diagonal metrics


In certain string inspired higher dimensional cosmological models it has been conjectured that there is generic, chaotic oscillating behavior near the initial singularity -- the Kasner parameters which characterize the asymptotic form of the metric "jump" between different, locally constant values and exhibit a never-ending oscillation as one approaches the singularity. In this paper we investigate a class of cosmological solutions with form fields and diagonal metrics which have a "maximal" number of composite electric S-branes. We look at two explicit examples in D=4 and D=5 dimensions that do not have chaotic oscillating behavior near the singularity. When the composite branes are replaced by non-composite branes chaotic oscillatingComment: Corrected typos, published in Phys. Rev. D72, 103511 (2005

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