Scalar Gravity and Higgs Mechanism


The role that the auxiliary scalar field ϕ\phi played in Brans-Dicke cosmology is discussed. If a constant vacuum energy is assumed to be the origin of dark energy, then the corresponding density parameter would be a quantity varying with ϕ\phi; and almost all of the fundamental components of our universe can be unified into the dynamical equation for ϕ\phi. As a generalization of Brans-Dicke theory, we propose a new gravity theory with a complex scalar field ϕ\phi which is coupled to the cosmological curvature scalar. Through such a coupling, the Higgs mechanism is naturally incorporated into the evolution of the universe, and a running density of the field vacuum energy is obtained which may release the particle standard model from the rigorous cosmological constant problem in some sense. Our model predicts a running mass scale of the fundamental particles in which the gauge symmetry breaks spontaneously. The running speed of the mass scale in our case could survive all existing experiments.Comment: 6 page

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