C³ Concept for Enhanced NWGS


This paper presents considerations for the introduction of C³ into the Enhanced Naval Warfare Gaming System as the ENWGS. These considerations underlie the nature of C³ , modeling of C³, alternative concepts of use of C³ gaming and an approach to implementing C³ play into the game. Part II points background including how the researcher views C³. Part III presents modeling concepts including uncertainty, level of detail and modeling of tactical decision-making. It introduces the alternative configurations for use of ENWGS which are discussed in detail in Part IV. Part V presents a concept for introduction of C³ modeling into ENWGS including data base relationships. A brief discussion of C³CM and decision aids completes the section. Finally, Part VI presents the conclusion.Commander Naval Electronic Systems Command, Washington, DC 20350Chief of Naval OperationsN6003983WREE905OP-953Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited

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