Modeling interest rate dynamics: an infinite-dimensional approach


We present a family of models for the term structure of interest rates which describe the interest rate curve as a stochastic process in a Hilbert space. We start by decomposing the deformations of the term structure into the variations of the short rate, the long rate and the fluctuations of the curve around its average shape. This fluctuation is then described as a solution of a stochastic evolution equation in an infinite dimensional space. In the case where deformations are local in maturity, this equation reduces to a stochastic PDE, of which we give the simplest example. We discuss the properties of the solutions and show that they capture in a parsimonious manner the essential features of yield curve dynamics: imperfect correlation between maturities, mean reversion of interest rates and the structure of principal components of term structure deformations. Finally, we discuss calibration issues and show that the model parameters have a natural interpretation in terms of empirically observed quantities.Comment: Keywords: interest rates, stochastic PDE, term structure models, stochastic processes in Hilbert space. Other related works may be retrieved on

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