Dynamic Structure Function in 3he-4he Mixtures


Relevant features of the dynamic structure function S(q,ω)S(q,\omega) in 3^3He-4^4He mixtures at zero temperature are investigated starting from known properties of the ground state. Sum rules are used to fix rigorous constraints to the different contributions to S(q,ω)S(q,\omega), coming from 3^3He and 4^4He elementary excitations, as well as to explore the role of the cross term S(3,4)(q,ω)S^{(3,4)}(q,\omega). Both the low-qq (phonon-roton 4^4He excitations and 1p-1h 3^3He excitations) and high-qq (deep inelastic scattering) ranges are discussed.Comment: 29 pages, Plain TeX, 11 figures available by request from [email protected]

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