Size effects and idealized dislocation microstructure at small scales: predictions of a phenomenological model of Mesoscopic Field Dislocation Mechanics: Part II


In Part I of this set of two papers, a model of mesoscopic plasticity is developed for studying initial-boundary value problems of small scale plasticity. Here we make qualitative, finite element method-based computational predictions of the theory. We demonstrate size effects and the development of strong inhomogeneity in simple shearing of plastically-constrained grains. Nonlocality in elastic straining leading to a strong Bauschinger effect is analyzed. Stability of the time dependent, spatially homogeneous, simple shearing solution of PMFDM is studied. Results from thermal cycling of small scale beams/films with different degrees of constraint to plastic flow are presented showing size effects and reciprocal-film-thickness scaling of dislocation density boundary layer width

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