On effects of regular S=1 dilution of S=1/2 antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chains by a quantum Monte Carlo simulation


The effects of regular S=1 dilution of S=1/2 isotropic antiferromagnetic chain are investigated by the quantum Monte Carlo loop/cluster algorithm. Our numerical results show that there are two kinds of ground-state phases which alternate with the variation of S1=1S^1=1 concentration. When the effective spin of a unit cell is half-integer, the ground state is ferrimagnetic with gapless energy spectrum and the magnetism becomes weaker with decreasing of the S1S^1 concentration ρ=1/M\rho = 1/M. While it is integer, a non-magnetic ground state with gaped spectrum emerges and the gap gradually becomes narrowed as fitted by a relation of Δ1.25ρ\Delta \approx 1.25\sqrt{\rho}.Comment: 6 pages, 9 figure

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