Two-component Fermi gas with a resonant interaction


We consider a two-component Fermi gas interacting via a Feshbach molecular state. It is shown that an important energy scale is Eg=g4m3/(64π2)E_g=g^4m^3/(64\pi^2) where gg is the Feshbach coupling constant and mm the mass of the particles. Only when EgϵFE_g\gg \epsilon_{\rm F} where ϵF\epsilon_{\rm F} is the Fermi energy can the gas be expected to enter a universal state in the unitarity limit on the atomic side of the resonance where there are no molecules present. The universal state is distinct from the molecular gas state on the other side of the resonance. We furthermore calculate the energy of the gas for this universal state and our results are related to current experiments on 6^{6}Li and 40^{40}K.Comment: 4 pages, 2 figure

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