Endings are not always completed with a full stop


This chapter provides a critical discourse between Jones and Pinchbeck about the making of The Trilogy, offering a unique framework for a dialogue on dramaturgy. The conversation metaphorically occupies the corner points marked out on a stage, balanced on the edges of white masking tape, the threshold of dramaturgy. The chapter explores the dramaturgical twists and turns in the making of The Trilogy. Divided into three parts, The Preview, The Interview The Review and it is presented as a release statement from a contract in a final act of ‘signing off’ The Trilogy. A final act marked in permanent ink honouring that promise Pinchbeck once made never to perform again. The dialogue questions the undulations of dramaturgy and, like the work, the discourse between Jones and Pinchbeck consciously touches at the edges, it is sticky and non-linear. It weaves together fragments of other contributors’ voices in order to float a range of ideas. Of falling in and out of love with the theatre. And a conversation takes place.N/

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