States of Local Moment Induced by Nonmagnetic Impurities in Cuprate Superconductors


By using a model Hamiltonian with d-wave superconductivity and competing antiferromagnetic (AF) orders, the local staggered magnetization distribution due to nonmagnetic impurities in cuprate superconductors is investigated. From this, the net magnetic moment induced by a single or double impurities can be obtained. We show that the net moment induced by a single impurity corresponds to a local spin with S_z=0, or 1/2 depending on the strength of the AF interaction and the impurity scattering. When two impurities are placed at the nearest neighboring sites, the net moment is always zero. For two unitary impurities at the next nearest neighboring sites, and at sites separated by a Cu-ion site, the induced net moment has S_z=0, or 1/2, or 1. The consequence of these results on experiments will be discussed.Comment: 4 pages, 4 figure

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