Spin-Ice and Other Frustrated Magnets on the Pyrochlore Lattice


The recent identification of the dysprosium titanate compound Dy2Ti2O7Dy_2 Ti_2 O_7 as a ``Spin-Ice'', i.e. the spin analog of regular entropic ice of Pauling, has created considerable excitement. The ability to manipulate spins using magnetic fields gives a unique advantage over regular ice in these systems, and has been used to study the recovery of entropy. Predicted magnetization plateaus have been observed, testing the underlying model consisting of a competition between short ranged super exchange, and long ranged dipolar interactions between spins. I discuss other compounds that are possibly spin ice like: Ho2Ti2O7Ho_2 Ti_2 O_7, and the two stannates Ho2Sn2O7Ho_2 Sn_2 O_7, Dy2Sn2O7Dy_2 Sn_2 O_7.Comment: 4 pages, Invited Contribution for Low Temperature Conference LT23, August 20-27, Hiroshima JAPAN, to be published in Physica B & C (2003

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