<p><b>VWF propeptide concentrations are elevated in melioidosis (A) and correlate with VWF antigen levels (B), but do not correlate with mortality (C).</b> VWF = von Willebrand factor. The data from 34 melioidosis patients (of whom 12 died) and 52 controls are presented as box plots with Tukey whiskers showing the smallest observation, lower quartile, median, upper quartile and largest observation. ***<i>P</i> <0.001 for the difference between patients and controls; (Student’s t-test); <i>P</i> = 0.21 for the difference between survivors (n = 22) and non-survivors (n = 12). For the scatter plot, each dot represents a single study subject from the patient group only (n = 34); the correlation coefficient and <i>*P</i> <0.05 reported are for Pearson’s <i>r</i>. The corresponding regression line for the scatter plot is drawn in bold, with the 95% confidence interval for the regression line marked by interrupted lines.</p

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