Linearized large signal modeling, analysis, and control design of phase-controlled series-parallel resonant converters using state feedback


This paper proposes a linearized large signal state-space model for the fixed-frequency phase-controlled series-parallel resonant converter. The proposed model utilizes state feedback of the output filter inductor current to perform linearization. The model combines multiple-frequency and average state-space modeling techniques to generate an aggregate model with dc state variables that are relatively easier to control and slower than the fast resonant tank dynamics. The main objective of the linearized model is to provide a linear representation of the converter behavior under large signal variation which is suitable for faster simulation and large signal estimation/calculation of the converter state variables. The model also provides insight into converter dynamics as well as a simplified reduced order transfer function for PI closed-loop design. Experimental and simulation results from a detailed switched converter model are compared with the proposed state-space model output to verify its accuracy and robustness

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