Application of extended self similarity in turbulence


From Navier-Stokes turbulence numerical simulations we show that for the extended self similarity (ESS) method it is essential to take the third order structure function taken with the modulus and called D3∗(r)D_3^*(r), rather than the standard third order structure function D3(r)D_3(r) itself. If done so, we find ESS towards scales larger than roughly 10 eta, where eta is the Kolmogorov scale. If D3(r)D_3(r) is used, there is no ESS. We also analyze ESS within the Batchelor parametrization of the second and third order longitudinal structure function and focus on the scaling of the transversal structure function. The Re-asymptotic inertial range scaling develops only beyond a Taylor-Reynolds number of about 500.Comment: 12 pages, 7 eps-figures, replaces version from April 11th, 1997; paper now in press at Phys. Rev.

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