Letter from Frank V Slack to Laurence L. Doggett (May 12, 1917)


A letter from Frank V Slack to Laurence L. Doggett dated May 12, 1917. In the letter Slack tells Doggett that the rumor that Felix Rossetti is dead is not true and that Felix is fine.Doggett was Springfield College's fourth president. He was also the first full-time president and served in the position from 1896-1936. Under Doggett's leadership, Springfield College expanded its student body and faculty. Doggett also oversaw the building of a new gymnasium, library, swimming pool, and athletics. Doggett was instrumental in developing and implementing the College's Humanics philosophy which still guides the college to this day. He retired in 1936 and remains Springfield College's longest-tenured president. Dr. Laurence L. Doggett died in 1957 at the age of 92. Felix Rossetti received a B.H from Springfield College in 1916. As a student, he played on the soccer team, belonged to the British Club and Philomathean Literary Society and International Literary Society, in addition to extensive work with the YMCA. In August 1916, Rossetti was able to return to his home country when he was sent to Bombay by the National Council to observe the work of British soldiers fighting in the Mesopotamian Campaign. By January 1917, he was working in Bombay area hospitals and a convalescent camp. Rosetti held various YMCA positions including Secretary of International Communication in India and later as secretary, performing settlement work in Calcutta. Rossetti died in 1970

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