The Astronomer's Telegram: A Web-based Short-Notice Publication System for the Professional Astronomical Community


The Astronomer's Telegram (ATEL; is a web based short-notice (<4000 characters) publication system for reporting and commenting on new astronomical observations, offering for the first time in astronomy effectively instantaneous distribution of time-critical information for the entire professional community. It is designed to take advantage of the World Wide Web's simple user interface and the ability of computer programs to provide nearly all the necessary functions. One may post a Telegram, which is instantly (<1 second) available at the Web-site, and distributed by email within 24 hours through the Daily Email Digest, which is tailored to the subject selections of each reader. Optionally, urgent Telegrams may be distributed through Instant Email Notices. While ATEL will be of particular use to observers of transient objects (such as gamma-ray bursts, microlenses, supernovae, novae, or X-ray transients) or in fields which are rapidly evolving observationally, there are no restrictions on subject matter.Comment: 4 pages, LaTeX, requires

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