Test for Time Dilation of Intervals Between Pulse Structures in GRBs


If γ\gamma-ray bursts are at cosmological distances, then not only their constituent pulses but also the intervals between pulses should be time-dilated. Unlike time-dilation measures of pulse emission, intervals would appear to require negligible correction for redshift of narrower temporal structure from higher energy into the band of observation. However, stretching of pulse intervals is inherently difficult to measure without incurring a timescale-dependent bias since, as time profiles are stretched, more structure can appear near the limit of resolution. This problem is compounded in dimmer bursts because identification of significant structures becomes more problematic. We attempt to minimize brightness bias by equalizing signal-to-noise (s/n) level of all bursts. We analyze wavelet-denoised burst profiles binned to several resolutions, identifying significant fluctuations between pulse structures and interjacent valleys. When bursts are ranked by peak flux, an interval time-dilation signature is evident, but its magnitude and significance are dependent upon temporal resolution and s/n level.Comment: 5 pages in LATeX, REVTEX style, 2 embedded figures. To appear in Third Huntsville GRB Workshop Proceeding

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