Bare-excitation ground state of a spinless-fermion -- boson model and W-state engineering in an array of superconducting qubits and resonators


This work unravels an interesting property of a one-dimensional lattice model that describes a single itinerant spinless fermion (excitation) coupled to zero-dimensional (dispersionless) bosons through two different nonlocal-coupling mechanisms. Namely, below a critical value of the effective excitation-boson coupling strength the exact ground state of this model is the zero-quasimomentum Bloch state of a bare (i.e., completely undressed) excitation. It is demonstrated here how this last property of the lattice model under consideration can be exploited for a fast, deterministic preparation of multipartite WW states in a readily realizable system of inductively-coupled superconducting qubits and microwave resonators.Comment: final, published versio

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