Letter from John Bagnall to John Muir, 1883 Oct 23.


0110915 Elliot Park, Off Steiner, near Geary, San Francisco, Oct. 23, 1883.John [Bagnall?],-To Prof. John Muir:Dear Sir and Friend:Your Present, the “Box of Fine Grapes – came to hand last Evg., for which accept my best thank, You are well aware that, I fondly hoped, long ere this, to be able to reward my benevolent stedfast friends, with something more thanwords, but you know full well, the reason why I did not. I regret to say that my standing up for my rights as a man, some few years [Page 2]ago, seems to have brought me into general disfavor. But, however some of my friends may view the matter, I am convinced that the cause of my failure in “Stocks” was on account of the habit I had of giving way to the opinions of others for the sake of peace and quietness, until I lost confidence in my own judgment. But, by your continued kindness, I judge that you have still the same friendly feeling towards me. Give my kindest regards to Mrs Muir and to Dr. and Mrs. Strentzel. Be sure, if you please, to call and see me when – ever you have time.I remain as Ever yours truly John Bagnall.P.S. Please give my best respects to the “Swett Family” “on the next Ranch”.J. B

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