Regenerated Phase-shifted Sinusoid-assisted Empirical Mode Decomposition


The effectiveness of the renowned empirical mode decomposition (EMD) is affected by the mode-mixing problem (MMP) if a signal contains intermittent modes. The ensemble EMD (EEMD) and several modified and extended algorithms solve this problem by adding random white noises. However, the necessary large size of the ensemble and the inevitable manual intervention limits the application of EEMD. In this letter, a novel regenerated phase-shifted sinusoid-assisted EMD (RPSEMD) is proposed. Sinusoids with different scales are iteratively generated and added to cope with all possible MMPs in different intrinsic modes (IMs), where each sinusoid is designed adaptively and automatically. Furthermore, the sinusoids are shifted for better retaining the details of each IM and eliminating the added sinusoids. In the comparison experiments, the RPSEMD provides more reasonable results with less computation time.Accepted Versio

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