Air particulate matter concentrations, black carbon as well as elemental concentrations in two semi industrial sites were investigated as a preliminary study for evaluation of air quality in these areas. Sampling of airborne particulate matter was conducted in July 2009 using a Gent stacked filter unit sampler and a total of 18 pairs of samples were collected. Black carbon was determined by reflectance measurement and elemental analysis was performed using particle induced X-ray emission (PIXE). Elements Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl, K, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn and As were detected. Twenty four hour PM25 concentration at semi industrial sites Kiaracondong and Holis ranged from 4.0 to 22.2 pg m 3, while the PM1,9concentration ranged from 24.5 to 77.1 pg m 3. High concentration of crustal elements, sulphur and zinc were identified in fine and coarse fractions for both sites. The fine fraction data from both sites were analyzed using a multivariate principal component analysis and for Kiaracondong site, identified factors are attributed to sea-salt with soil dust, vehicular emissions and biomass burning, non ferrous smelter, and iron/steel work industry, while for Holis site identified factors are attributed to soil dust, industrial emissions, vehicular emissions with biomass burning, and sea-salt. Although particulate samples were collected from semi industrial sites, vehicular emissions constituted with S, Zn and BC were identified in both sites. Investigasi terkait konsentrasi massa partikulat udara, black carbon dan konsentrasi unsur pada sampel partikulat udara yang disampling di dua daerah semi industri merupakan studi pendahuluan sebagai evaluasi kualitas udara di daerah ini. Sampling sampel partikulat udara dilakukan di bulan Juli 2009 menggunakan sampler Gent stacked filter unit, dan diperoleh sebanyak 18 pasang sampel. Penentuan Black carbon dilakukan menggunakan pengukuran reflektansi dan analisis unsur dilakukan menggunakan particle induced x-ray emission (PIXE). Unsur-unsur Na, Mg, Al, Si. P. S, Cl, K, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn dan As dapat dideteksi dengan balk. Konsentrasi 24 jam PM2.5 di daerah semi industri Kiaracondong dan Holis berkisar 4,0 hingga 22,2 pg m-3, sementara konsentrasi PM10 berkisar 24,5 hingga 77,1 pg m 3. Unsur-unsur tanah, sulfur dan seng terdeteksi dalam korrsentrasi tinggi pada sampel partikulat udara halus maupun kasar pada kedua lokasi. Data partikulat halus dari kedua lokasi selanjutnya diolah menggunakan multivariate principal component analysis, untuk daerah Kiaracondong dapat diidentifikasikan faktor yang berasal dari garam laut dan debu tanah, emisi kendaraan bermotor dan pembakaran biomassa, peleburan logam non besi, industri besi/baja, sementara itu untuk daerah Ho/is teridentifikasi faktor yang berasal dari debu tanah, emisi industri, emisi kendaraan bermotor dengan pembakaran biomassa dan garam laut. Sekalipun sampel partikulat udara diambil di lokasi semi industri, cumber pencemaran berupa emisi kendaraan bermotor yang terkait korelasi S, Zn dan BC teridentifikasi pada kedua lokasi

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