Spectral atlas of dwarf novae in outburst


Up to now, only a very small number of dwarf novae have been studied during their outburst state (~30 per cent in the Northern hemisphere). In this paper we present the first comprehensive atlas of outburst spectra of dwarf novae. We study possible correlations between the emission and absorption lines seen in the spectra and some fundamental parameters of the binaries. We find that out of the 48 spectra presented, 12 systems apart from IP Peg show strong HeII in emission: SS Aur, HL CMa, TU Crt, EM Cyg, SS Cyg, EX Dra, U Gem, HX Peg, GK Per, KT Per, V893 Sco, IY UMa, and 7 others less prominently: FO And, V542 Cyg, BI Ori, TY Psc, VZ Pyx, ER UMa, and SS UMi. We conclude that these systems are good targets for finding spiral structure in their accretion discs during outburst if models of Smak (2001) and Ogilvie (2001) are correct. This is confirmed by the fact that hints of spiral asymmetries have already been found in the discs of SS Cyg, EX Dra and U Gem.Comment: 16 pages, 14 figures. To be published in MNRA

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