Behavior of axially loaded circular stainless steel tube confined concrete stub columns


A stainless steel tube confined concrete (SSTCC) stub column is a new form of steel-concrete composite column in which the stainless steel tube without bearing the axial load directly is used to confine the core concrete. It could take the advantages of both the stainless steel tube and the confined concrete columns. This paper presents the experimental investigation of circular SSTCC stub columns subjected to axial load. Meanwhile, comparative tests of the circular concrete-filled stainless steel tubes and circular hollow stainless steel tubes were also conducted. The experimental phenomena of specimens are introduced in detail and the experimental results are analyzed. Through the investigation of axial stress and circumference stress on the stainless steel tube, the interaction behavior between stainless steel tube and core concrete is studied. The experimental results showed that the stainless steel tube provides better confinement to the concrete core, thus results the compressive capacity increased obviously comparing with unconfined concrete. The load-carrying capacity of SSTCC stub columns is higher than that of concrete-filled stainless steel tubes. An equation to calculate the load-carrying capacity of SSTCC stub columns was proposed, the results based on calculation are close to the experimental results

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