Scale resolved intermittency in turbulence


The deviations δζm\delta\zeta_m ("intermittency corrections") from classical ("K41") scaling ζm=m/3\zeta_m=m/3 of the mthm^{th} moments of the velocity differences in high Reynolds number turbulence are calculated, extending a method to approximately solve the Navier-Stokes equation described earlier. We suggest to introduce the notion of scale resolved intermittency corrections δζm(p)\delta\zeta_m(p), because we find that these δζm(p)\delta\zeta_m(p) are large in the viscous subrange, moderate in the nonuniversal stirring subrange but, surprisingly, extremely small if not zero in the inertial subrange. If ISR intermittency corrections persisted in experiment up to the large Reynolds number limit, our calculation would show, that this could be due to the opening of phase space for larger wave vectors. In the higher order velocity moment u(p)m\langle|u(p)|^m\rangle the crossover between inertial and viscous subrange is (10ηm/2)1(10\eta m/2)^{-1}, thus the inertial subrange is {\it smaller} for higher moments.Comment: 12 pages, Latex, 2 tables, 7 figure

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