Indoor air pollution of PM2.5 in urban households of Jammu, (J&K)


The rising problem of Respirable Particulate Matter i.e. PM2.5 and smaller is catching attention of the policymakers, stakeholders as well as common man. The study of the IndoorPM2.5 of the particular area is very important as it is having direct impact on the human health because PM2.5is absorbed into lung alveolar tissues during breathing and causes respiratory and cardiovascular problems. In present study attempt has been made to assess the status of Indoor PM2.5 in Urban Households of Jammu, (J&K). The average indoor PM2.5 in all the sampled households of Jammu was observed to be 99.49±35.84 µg/m3 which is above the permissible limits of PM 2.5 as prescribed by CPCB. This type of study has been done for the first time in the northern region of India.  The data generated in present study will act as base line data for further studies pertaining to its ionic analysis as well as suggesting mitigation measure

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